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“Happy Mentor, founded by CA S. Srinivasa Raghavan, fosters joyous learning and growth in organisations through improving Teamwork.”

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About Us

We believe in the power of transformative ideas combined with decisive action

Founded by S. Srinivasa Raghavan, a seasoned Chartered Accountant and Management Consultant.

Our mission is to help Business Organisations achieve higher profitability through innovative and practical solutions.

We utilize a blend of Latent Creativity and Subconscious Process tools, complemented by our unique ‘Underwhelming Approach’ and ‘Spaced Reinforcement’.

This ensures that innovations are not only conceived but are also effectively implemented and ingrained within the Organizational culture

Our Vision

Empowering Growth: Happy Mentor's Vision for Lifelong Success.

Happy Mentor is deeply committed to fostering holistic growth in individuals through personalized mentorship experiences.

Our tailored approach ensures that each person receives guidance and support that aligns with their unique goals and aspirations.

By empowering individuals to navigate challenges and seize opportunities, we enable them to flourish confidently in both their personal and professional lives.

Through our unwavering dedication to excellence and continuous improvement, we strive to be the catalyst for transformative change, inspiring a community of empowered individuals who are equipped to achieve their fullest potential and make meaningful contributions to the world around them.

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Happy Mentor empowers individuals through personalized mentorship, fostering growth, confidence, and joy in learning. Join us today!

Scaleup Branch

Happy Mentor's 'Scaleup Branch' specializes in providing tailored mentorship programs designed to accelerate the growth and success of businesses.

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Happy Mentor is committed to delivering the best service, ensuring personalized attention, expert guidance, and unparalleled support for your growth.

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Happy Mentor prides itself on being fast and responsive, ensuring prompt assistance and timely support for your needs.

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Many reason why you should use our service provided

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Enhancing Success and Growth Through Strategic Solutions and Innovation

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Always Available to Assist You, Anytime, Anywhere, Ensuring Exceptional Support and Satisfaction.

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Celebrating Excellence and Recognizing Outstanding Achievements in Innovation, Leadership, and Service Excellence.

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Streamlined Procedures for Effortless Efficiency, Simplifying Tasks and Enhancing Productivity for Seamless Operations.

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