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Improving Business Profitability in short durations (3 to 6 months) using Sattvic and Happy ways

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Empowering Through Happy Mentorship

InnovActions is a pioneering product that helps Business Organisations in improving their profitability using simple and powerful  methodology.

Welcome to InnovActions, where your Business’s Profitability is our priority. Rather than offering pre-packaged solutions, we create a dynamic and empowering environment that stimulates your team’s inherent expertise.

We use two powerful tools namely – “Latent Creativity”, and “Subconscious Process” which bring in the Tangible results quiet fast! (3-6 months). 

Every client likes our making use of TEAM approach as well as using “Underwhelming”, and “Spaced Reinforcements”.

Our Sattvic and Happy ways improve participation and reduce Stress.

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Cultivation of Internal Expertise

We believe in the power within your team. Our methods help surface this expertise, turning your team members into the problem solvers and innovators of tomorrow. This is in strong contrast with the conventional Data Driven approach followed by many consultants.

Latent Creativity Activation

Unlock the hidden creative potential within the Organization. Our 'Latent Creativity' tool encourages the Team to think outside the box and discover unconventional solutions to enhance profitability.

Subconscious Process

Through a very simple and powerful methodology by making use of "Alpha State of Mind.", we get continous ideas in our journey. One has to experience this to understand the joy of this process.

Sustainable Self-Improvement

With InnovActions, improvement is not a one-time event. It’s a continuous journey. We provide the tools and environment for ongoing personal and professional growth.

Team Centric Approach

Every successful business is built on strong teamwork. Our approach strengthens the Team's dynamics, promoting a collaborative environment where every member is a valuable contributor to the Organisational Progress.

Underwhelming yet Effective Methodology

Change doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our ‘Underwhelming’ methodology ensures that changes are manageable and integrated smoothly, preventing disruption while facilitating acceptance and implementation.

Holistic Mentorship

InnovActions recognizes that true fulfillment and success encompass various aspects of life, including personal development, career advancement, and emotional well-being. Its mentors provide holistic guidance that addresses every facet of an individual's journey towards self-actualization.

Cultivating Happiness

Central to InnovActions' philosophy is the idea that happiness is not merely a byproduct but a foundational element of success. Mentors are trained not only to impart knowledge and skills but also to nurture a positive mindset, resilience, and emotional intelligence in their mentees.

Tailored Mentorship Programs

Understanding that each individual's needs and aspirations are unique, InnovActions offers personalized mentorship programs. Whether someone is a budding entrepreneur, a student navigating career choices, or a professional seeking personal growth, the service provides tailored guidance to suit their specific goals.

Practical Wisdom

InnovActions mentors are not just theoretical experts; they are practitioners who have traversed the paths their mentees aspire to tread. They impart practical wisdom garnered from their own experiences, equipping mentees with invaluable insights and strategies for overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities.

Building Meaningful Connections

Beyond professional guidance, InnovActions fosters meaningful connections between mentors and mentees. Through open communication, trust, and empathy, mentors establish strong rapport with mentees, creating a supportive environment where growth flourishes naturally.

Continuous Learning Culture

Recognizing that learning is a lifelong journey, InnovActions instills a culture of continuous improvement and learning. Mentors themselves undergo ongoing training and development to stay abreast of the latest trends, methodologies, and best practices, ensuring the highest quality mentorship for mentees.


Needs Assessment

Tailoring mentorship to individual goals, challenges, and aspirations.


Matching Mentors and Mentees

fostering compatibility and maximizing potential for growth.


Skill Development and Training

Providing workshops, training, and resources for professional development.


Resource Sharing and Support

Providing ongoing support and access to relevant materials and networks.

Our Composition Provided

The InnovActions Mentorship Approach

Tailored mentorship fostering growth, empowerment, and personal development joyfully

Easy Working Proccess

Simplified process for seamless productivity and efficiency.

Certification Team Work

Teamwork certification: fostering collaboration and professional growth.

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Frequently Asked Question

InnovActions is a pioneering product that helps Business Organisations in improving their profitability using simple and powerful  methodology.

We use two powerful tools namely - "Latent creativity", and "Subconscious process" which bring in the desired results quiet fast! 

Any Organisation who want to improve their Business Profitability.

Rather than offering pre-packaged solutions, we create a dynamic and empowering environment that stimulates the Team's inherent expertise.

There is Absolutely zero risk involved for an Organisation in utilising InnovAction. Please reach us at (+91) 97909 82371. 

Ready to transform your business Risk-Free?